Who can apply for the Global Talent Art Prize? 

Visual Artists, collectives and collaborative groups (18 years and older), from any country, representing all forms, media and genres of Visual arts. 

Until when I need to send my application? 

Follow the information on Competition website page to find dates of Start and Deadline. 

Can artists duos, collaborations, or collectives apply for Global Talent Art Prize? 

Yes, duos, collaborations, and collectives are eligible to apply. Please, enter the details of each applicant in description.

Can I submit more than one application in the same edition of Competition? 

Yes, the participant may submit as many entries as like, but all of them will be judged separate and will require its own payment.

How do I submit my application? 

You can submit with the use of the application form available on our website. 

If I am submitting video, where do I put the links to my work? Do I need to upload images? 

You can paste the URLs to your videos in the Work Description field. You will need to upload at least 1 still from your video into Images field.

How many artworks I can upload? 

You can upload minimum 1 and maximum 5 artworks. 

Do I retain the rights to my images and work? 

Yes, all applicants and collectives retain the right to the work they submit. 

Can I edit or make changes to my application after submission? 

No, you will not be able to edit or make changes to your application once we’ve received it. Please review your image selection and work captions thoroughly before submission. Once your application is submitted your submission will be considered final and no further changes can be made. 

What to do if a technical problem occurs while uploading attachments? 

Please write us an email at the below mentioned e-mail address: info@globaltalentprize.art

When will the results be announced? 

Follow the information on Competition website page to find dates of announcement of winners.

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