Global Talent Art Prize (3rd edition)
1st Winner

Interview: Qihui Gong


I am not you, Medium: Digital, Dimension: 1150 X 2100 pixel, Qihui Gong

Can you recall the moment you knew you wanted to be an artist? What made you interested in arts?

From a young age, I found little interest in conventional toys and sought refuge and enchantment in the realm of doodling and sketching. This initial foray into the art world stirred something within me, sparking an enduring curiosity and a profound affection for creative expression.

Tell us about your artistic process and the way you brainstorm ideas? What do you usually start with when creating? How do ideas become artworks?

My artistic process begins with introspection and immersion in the subjects that captivate me, such as psychology, politics, and contemporary issues. Meaningful artworks are born from a deep understanding and connection to the themes they explore. I often start by brainstorming ideas and concepts from my interactions with these subjects to initiate the creative journey.

When brainstorming, I find it essential to create a conducive environment that encourages free thought and exploration. This involves engaging in extensive research, reading, and exposing myself to various perspectives. By immersing myself in literature, articles, documentaries, and discussions, I understand the nuances and complexities surrounding the topics that intrigue me.

As I progress, recently, I often integrate digital tools such as Blender, Unity, and Unreal into my artistic practice. These platforms enable me to explore new dimensions of creativity, merging traditional techniques with digital advancements. This integration grants me the freedom to experiment, iterate, and push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

Untitled (2013) Video Performance, Dimension variable, Qihui Gong

Do you have or have had a mentor or other special person to guide you?

While I haven’t had a specific mentor or individual guiding my artistic journey, my inspiration and guidance come from the environment I immerse myself. Books have significantly shaped my perspective and fueled my creative process. The literary works I delve into become mentors in their own right, offering insights, provoking new ideas, and expanding my understanding of the world.

In this sense, my mentorship comes from the collective voices and stories within the literary realm. They are a constant source of guidance, urging me to explore new horizons, question assumptions, and deepen my understanding of art and culture.

Qihui Gong

How has your style changed over the years? If yes, could you explain why?

Over the years, my artistic style has transformed. I have embraced various art genres, including painting, photography, video art, and short film. My exploration of different mediums has been driven by a desire to push the boundaries of my creativity and find new ways to convey my ideas. Each medium offers unique possibilities for visual storytelling and evoking specific emotions. I have refined and expanded my artistic language by experimenting with different techniques and materials.

No.A8568(2018-2019, ongoing) 4K color film with sound 5min 55s. Dimension variable, Qihui Gong

Your artistic practice is very extensive. What kind of message do you wish to convey in your art?

In our increasingly digital era, the relationship between real identity and the virtual world has become a fascinating and complex exploration subject. Through my artwork, conceptually, I seek to delve into the profound implications and interplay between our authentic selves and the personas we create online. I aim to provoke contemplation and spark dialogue about the evolving nature of identity, the impact of technology, and the blurred boundaries between the real and the virtual. Throughout this journey, I remain open to unexpected discoveries and serendipitous moments that shape the direction of my artwork. I want to invite viewers to explore new ways of seeing the world around us and reconsider the idea of the experience and identity of living in a world increasingly defined by the digital.

Tell us more about what project you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on digital art series and a VR interactive video.

What will be your next project? 

My next project will be a virtual reality interactive art project.

What is your dream project?

My current dream project is to create a monumental public art installation that merges holography and community engagement. I envision a project that brings together diverse individuals and communities. The artwork would incorporate elements that invite viewers to actively engage with it, such as interactive displays or community-driven performances.


The Fall (2016), Qihui Gong

There are many descriptions of the ideal state of mind for being creative. What is it like for you?

For me, the ideal state of mind for being creative is a deeply personal and introspective experience. It is a form of self-healing and catharsis. Through art, I find solace, understanding, and a means to process complex emotions. It becomes a transformative journey for both myself as the creator and those who engage with my artwork.

When I immerse myself in the creative process, It is a meditative space where my thoughts, emotions, and imagination intertwine. In this state, I am able to tap into a wellspring of inspiration, drawing from my own experiences and inner world.

What is art for?

Art does so precisely inasmuch as it is Form; by intertwining reality and imagination, art becomes a profound medium for reflecting the complexities and nuances of our existence. It consistently surpasses reality and sublimation. It can transcend boundaries, ignite emotions, and provoke thought. Art also allows us to explore abstract concepts, challenge conventions, and delve into the depths of our own unique perspectives. Even the most realistic artwork unveils the unspoken, the unseen, and the unheard aspects of life.


Still from The Fall (2016), Qihui Gong

Still from The Fall (2016), Qihui Gong

Thanks for the opportunity to interview you as the 1st Prize Winner of the Global Talent Art Prize (3rd edition). Are there any final thoughts, in particular for the ones who would like to follow your way?

Artistic journey is a personal one, and it may not always follow a linear path. Embrace the twists and turns, follow your heart, let that inner fire fuel your creative process, and bring forth artworks that resonate with others and make a lasting impact. Take risks, push your boundaries, and never be discouraged by setbacks or criticism. Artistic growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and daring to create something unique.

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