6th edition Winners

Thanks to all the participants of the competition! We are very happy to receive such a large number of applications from all over the world! It was very difficult to make a choice as each participant was talented and unique.

Sincere congratulations to all the winners!

Special congratulations to Ariel Li  from the United Kingdom, who absolutely deserved the First Prize with amazing artworks! 

1st Prize

Ariel Li, UK

Ariel Li

3rd Prize

Taylor Black, USA

Taylor Black

Special Prize Winners

Shenying Fan, GB

shenying fan

Peter Vance, UK

Peter Vance UK

Joonhee Myung (aka “Junos”), South Korea

Joonhee Myung

Bhavyo, India

Bhavyo, India

Previous winners

5th edition Winners

Special Prize Winners

Lili Xie, China

Lili Xie

Kathrin Kolbow, Germany

Kathrin Kolbow

U-Tong Aoieong, Macau

U-Tong Aoieong

S. Harrison Rios, USA

S. Harrison Rios

Libby Gangnes, USA

Libby Gangnes

Yilin Du, UK

Yilin Du

Sofia Malemina, UK

Bernasconi Guido, Switzerland

Bernasconi Guido

Yiwen Hu, China

Yiwen Hu

Exceptional Merit Mention

4th edition Winners

Special Prize Winners

Shima Salehi, Finland

Anna Bukhareva, USA

Chaney manshu Diao, UK /China

Chiuan Chen, Taiwan

Ruthorn Rujianurak, Thailand

Exceptional Merit Mention

Maya Sofer Sherman, USA

Anum Farooq, UK/ UAE

3rd edition Winners

Special Prize Winners

Levan Songulashvili, Georgia

Levan Songulashvili

Miyuki Akai Cook, USA

Miyuki Akai Cook

MD Antidtot, Switzerland

MD Antidtot

Zixi Xia, China

Zixi Xia

Leila Wallisser, Germany

Leila Wallisser

Wiktoria Figurska, Poland

Wiktoria Figurska

Exceptional Merit Mention

Jaden Zen, Taiwan

Jaden Zen

2nd edition Winners

Main Prize Winners

Special Prize Winners

Michael MacDonald, USA

Michael MacDonald

Chiara Baima Poma, Italy

Chiara Baima Poma

Edina Soós, Hungary

Edina Soós

Ash Bigdeli, Canada

Ash Bigdeli

Jose Malasaña, Spain

Jose Malasaña Global talent

Exceptional Merit Mention

Lihui Liang , United Kingdom

Lihui Liang

Silvia Felizia, Argentina/US

Silvia Felizia

1st edition Winners

Main Prize Winners

2nd Prize

Muaz Giras, Indonesia

Global Talent art prize 2nd winner Muaz Giras, Indonesia

Special Prize Winners

Allen Mack, Poland

Chengyu Yao, China-UK

Alesya Murlina, Belarus

Anastasiia Zapselska, Ukraine

Yana Jiao, China

Yana Jiao winner Global talent art prize

wowthisisalicee, Serbia

Anna Jánosi, Hungary

Exceptional Merit Mention

Bade Fuwa, Nigeria

Kuldeep Verma, India

Kolapo Olorunyemi, Nigeria

Julia Vlasova, Russia

Anne Gart, United Kingdom

Luna Maluna Gri, Austria

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