Global Talent Art Prize (4th edition)
3rd Winner

Portfolio: Xiong Zhuo


Zhuoxiong graduated from the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom in 2018, earning a Master’s degree in Oil Painting. He is currently based in New York, USA.Zhuoxiong’s artwork draws inspiration primarily from Mongolian culture, Chinese oracle bone script, ancient Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy. He combines Western contemporary art techniques and painting robots to explore the contradictions and social stratification present in people’s lives today. His work delves into the essence of racial and religious conflicts, revealing the complexities of human nature.Zhuoxiong’s collectors include Gail Ruth Rebuck, Chair of the international book publishing group Penguin Random House’s British operations, who is also a member of the House of Lords as a Labour member, as well as the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Animal farm, 142×91 cm

烟尘如影 2, 142×91 cm

烟尘如影 1, 142×91 cm

春晖, 60×75 cm

Luxe, Calme et Volupté




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